I forgot my account details, can you retrieve them for me?




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    Pierre Guillard-Wilks

    I don't know why but i lost my account with all my points!!! I try to connect but you create me a new account ! i steal have the same adress mail that this and my team name is "PierreChampion" Can you check please!!  thanks

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    Pavels Baikovs

    Have the same issue here! Can anyone help with this? 

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    Juan C Narvaez

    HI Support,

    I log into my uefa fantasy ussing my microsoft Windows LiveID juan_c_narvaez@hotmail.com
    I am ussing this link: https://user.uefa.com/en/Account/LogOn

    I am getting the following error "You cannot log in with LiveId unless you give UEFA permission to access your LiveId information." ( attaching screenshot)

    I already check on My account , I have re-register the Uefa connection( I Am attaching screen shot)

    I don't want to loose my points done in privious phase.-

    I need intimidate help on this issue, it's only 6 days to UEFA Champions League to start.-

    If you can help me out , I already created an Google account , just in case you can fixed , just transfer me all point and leagues that I have connected to.


    Juan Narvaez

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    Juan C Narvaez

    I think Support doesn't Care at all.

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    Juan C Narvaez

    They remove the Microsoft LiveID interaction , now people that were using the account with Microsoft doesn't work. They dont care.

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